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You Amazon Alexa app is a personal voice assistant with artificial technology. Whenever you say ‘Wake’ word Alexa responds you back with your query answer and performs functions and commands. With activate your echo device and install Alexa app. Alexa app is quite a popular among us. Customize Echo device functionality, adding a more personalized user interface under the Alexa app and make the Amazon Alexa echo device more efficient with the Alexa app.

Once you’ve made the decision to install the Alexa app, firstly download the app from the Google Play Store or visit You can do this by going to the Play Store.  clicking the app, tap on the Google Play Store link.  and then tapping on the Download button. This is probably your quickest way to get the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Already downloaded the Alexa app. Say Wake Word for Alexa and start adding skills. If not then visit the app store or visit to download the Alexa app.

Alexa app setup from

Download Alexa app on iPhone/ios or mac

  • download Alexa app on iOS, open your App store. In the search bar, type ‘ Alexa App’. Click on ‘Get’. Once download, install Alexa app. Although you can get Alexa app from also.
  • Alexa app will ask you to log in. Use your Amazon login details. Enter username and password
  • Alexa app will show you prompts and ask for certain permissions like ‘Allow’ to access location and contacts.
  • Follow onscreen instructions and finish the Alexa app installation. Now connect Echo with Alexa app and add Alexa skills to say Alexa app wake word

Download Alexa app on Android/Firestick

  • Get Alexa app for Android from Play store. Visit to get Alexa app from web browser. Once download, install Alexa app.
  • Alexa app will ask you to log in. Use your Amazon login details.
  • Alexa app will show you prompts and ask for certain permissions like ‘Allow’ to access location and contacts.
  • Follow onscreen instructions and finish Alexa app installation

How to download Alexa app for Android

  • Now to Alexa app android download, In your Android phone, there is an ‘App store’. Amazon Alexa app for Android apk is accessible from App Store from your Android device.
  • Alexa app is the best companion with android version 6.0 or higher. Its android version is lower than 6.0 then Alexa app will not work as expected.
  • Although Alexa app is free available in Play store. If you have Android device, get it from Play store.

Alexa app setup on Windowsset up Alexa on windows

For Windows PC, Amazon Alexa has a separate version of the Amazon Alexa app. Also called the Alexa web app. You can easily set up your Echo device by connecting it to the Alexa app and wifi internet router. Before downloading the Alexa app for PC, you need to check Windows compatibility. Alexa app windows are available on In Windows 10, get App from the Microsoft store.

  • First, install the Ext file first. After this, choose the download button to download setup
  • Then run the file with entering your Amazon login credentials
  • Wake the Alexa by saying the word Alexa after clicking on Alexa’s blue button
  • You can get on android and iOS devices.

Alexa app setup

Other than Alexa, there are other apps like Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, Apple Siri. These apps work on the same rule as voice commands from users. Alexa Amazon is popular among us for ita unique features. Get most of the Alexa app and install the app on your smartphones. Add skills under the Alexa app from or simply use a skill finder. With app also check if the Alexa device is gettings signals. If it is red then it is not receiving signals. When the Alexa device shows green light then it is perfectly working.



Alexa app works well if your Android is 5.1 or more, iOS is 11.0 or higher

How to download on mobile

To download the app, open the app store, or play store on a smartphone device. In search bar type Alexa app

Update Alexa

Always check for new updates. For this, search for the App. It will show if any update is available. Select update to keep the app updated

  • Download the Alexa app from On the sign-in page, fill your Amazon login details and login
  • When the app’s installation is finished, set up your device. Enter your username and password
  • Alexa app is completely free and you can set up your device under the Alexa app
  • When you do sign up, visit Amazon Alexa login. There choose your preferred language and country.
  • After this, choose your wifi network. Tap on connect to wifi setup. Click on Know more about on how to connect Alexa to wifi

Now talk to Alexatalk to alexa app

Your Echo device is configured with Test your device by saying the wake word ‘Alexa’. If Alexa responds you back it means it is connected and configured successfully. Alexa wake word is customizable. change the Alexa app wake word under settings and choosing your Amazon Echo device. All you need is your voice command to change, modify, or control all of Alexa’s connected devices. What else. You can do many things with the Echo device. Say, Alexa, how are you to chat. Or simply say Alexa Play music. wake Alexa by saying Alexa, what is 911 any query.

Amazon Echo dot setup 2020

  • First, open the App Store or Play store. In the search bar type Alexa amazon app. When you get apps, download the Alexa app. Install the app or you can Alexa app from
  • Now sign in or sign up. Enter Amazon user id and password. When you are signed in, the Alexa app’s welcome screen will appear
  • Tap on Allow to keep Alexa app to access contacts, country, location
    After this, plug in Echo into Micro USB cable with the plugin in the back of the echo device
  • Therefore, the power-on device and blue ring light will churn
    Wait for a while till orange light appears. you Alexa is now in setup mode. Under App, choose your Echo dot device. Select your language and location and press continue
  • In Alexapp, go into settings and tap on three horizontal lines at the top left screen of your device
  • Although the Alexa device will automatically scan for available networks. Enter your network key to connect the echo dot device to wifi. If this does not happen then connect echo dot to wifi manually.
  • For that go into your device settings and visit wifi settings. choose AmazonXXXXX as your device and tap connect. If you are connecting the Echo device to any external speaker then select output or just set the built-in speaker
    to choose a place for the Echo device, Still, if the issue persists then call our customer support anytime

    Pro tip:

If the orange light is not appearing on the echo device then hold the power button for 10 seconds. After this, the echo device will restart. make sure to avoid any disturbance. keep the echo device away from microwave, monitors, the wall at least 8 inches away.

What are Alexa Amazon skills?

With Alexa’s amazon skills, you can perform many actions with the Alexa app. Ask Alexa about news, weather updates, popular movies, TV shows ratings, shopping lists, music on go, or just give instructions. Your Alexa app is compatible with multiple languages. Depending upon country Echo is available in English,Spanish,Hindi,German,Italian, French. Perfom your day to day tasks ith ease. Likke controllong Thermostat,smartlights options Philips Hue,cameras,Robot vaccumms or any other wifi enbaled smart device.Ask Alexa to turn off lights, controlling fitness smartwatch all with single Alexa amazon app

The question is how do I add skills to Alexa

  • Use Alexa to control your smart devices at home. For Alexa’s skills say the default wake word ‘Alexa’. Customize/add/delete Alexa’s skills by downloading the Alexa app. Have access to ample of Alexa skills more than 75,000. Also, change Wake word ad Echo, computer.
  • Add skills with a voice command. Say wake work for Alexa. After that says ‘Enable’ and the name of the Alexa skill, you want to add to the app.
  • Delete the Alexa skills which do not serve your purpose. To delete any Alexa skill, Say ‘Disable’. A list of skills are updated on
  • Access other Alexa skills on Both are available skills which are developed by Amazon or Alexa skills developer.

Change Alexa voices

Alexa has the option to change Alexa default voice. You can change it to a celebrity. But there are limited options. Although the default voice is soothing and beautiful. Yet you can change it. It is a kind of Alexa skill.

Are you a fan of Morgan Freeman? For a change and if you are bored o the default voice change Alexa’s voice by downloading the Alexa app. Amazon has already launched Samual’s voice. change voice under the Alexa app or on visiting under Alexa skills.

samuel-l-jackson alexa voice

How to change Alexa voice to a celebrity

  • particularly you can change Alexa voice to Samuel L Jackson’s voice. But first you need to get introduced to Jack.
  • Then Alexa app will introduce you to Samuel. Although Alexa app’s default voice wont be changed. Still Alexa will reply in Samuel’s voice in some queries.
  • To add Samuel L Jackson skill in Alexa app, say ‘Samula’. Enable celebrity voice with opening Alexa app settings after downloadinging Alexa app.  Go into voice responses and celebrity voices. Enable Samuel L. Jackson.


Amazon Echo 3rd Gen model with room-filling sound technology. With bold bass in less cost and more effective. Works any room in the house. Put in the bathroom for singalongs, in Kitchen for timers or recipes.
Amazon Echo dot 3rd gen with the clock is simple beauty. Put it on the side table in the bedroom. The echo works essentially as an alarm clock. wakes you up with seasonal playlists. New Echo shows 8 is sleek and stylish with a compact design. With the best screen to know whether updates, video chats, or recipe videos.
Also, Amazon Echo buds are a great pair of wireless buds. Use it when without the Alexa app. Check news, weather updates, create a shopping list.
The echo studio comes with the biggest, boldest sound. With 350 watts and a downward-firing subwoofer that adjust as per space availability. Smart right!
Amazon Echo Sub is a wonder in bringing out your inner bass lines. Such a loud and clear bass even to annoy your neighbors.
On the other hand, Echo flex is a small USB port to plug in your smart night light, motion sensor, or cell phone. set timers with Flex.

Amazon Alexa app featuresAmazon alexa app features

Alexa app is available on multiple platforms like third party devices speaker, TV’s, in smartphones

Even you can access the Alexa app in selected models of cars, Fitness bands like Fitbit versa2
Pair with smart lights like Philips Hue. Alexa app is compatible with All amazon devices like standard Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo Dot, those are smart speakers. and then the Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, and the Echo Spot, comes with a smart screen.
Connect the Alexa app ith Sonos speakers, Sonos move, Bose home speaker. Alexa app provides all sorts of information basically sources from the internet. get new updates, listen to Amazon music. Listen to Audiobooks and beyond that Alexa app supports Spotify, Deezer, Apple music. Ample of Alexa skills to choose from. There is every single skill is available under the Alexa app to fulfill user demands.


Reset Echo dot manually or with Alexa app

It is true that you will not be able to hear the music that you have just downloaded from the internet but you will be able to see and hear it. With its compact design, you can easily transport it to another location such as your office or home.

That is why many people choose this type of digital music player. With so many choices of digital music players that are available on the market today, it is very difficult to select the right one.

But, with the reset Echo dot, you are guaranteed of having the right type of music that will bring about relaxation and comfort to you. With its ability to connect to your personal computer, you will also be able to upload the music and share it with your friends or family.

reset alexa echo dot

reset echo dot 3rd gen

  • Reset echo dot 3rd gen with the Action button. Look for Action button to reset echo dot 3rd gen.
  • Press and hold the Action button till the time you will see ring light on Echo dot turns orange and then off.
  • To echo dot 3rd gen factory reset, look for a hole in the bottom of Echo dot, insert a paper clip in the hole and press till the time ring light turns blue then on and then turns orange again.
  • This indicates that you’re in the Alexa app setup mode.
  •  Now download Alexa apps, install the Alexa app, and proceed to install Alexa app.
  • Download the Alexa app from the app store or from This will be a blue speech bubble and it should have a white outline. now do Alexa app setup

reset 2nd gen echo dot then Alexa app setup

  • Reset echo dot 2nd gen with the Action button. Look for Action button to reset echo dot 2nd gen.
  • Press and hold the Action button till the time you will see ring light on Echo dot turns orange and hen off.
  • To echo dot 2nd gen factory reset, look for a hole in the bottom of Echo dot, insert a paper clip in the hole and press till the time ring light turns blue then on and then turns orange again.
  • This indicates that you’re in the setup mode.
  •  Now download for Alexa app, install the Alexa app, and proceed to Alexa app setup. Download from the app store or from This will be a blue speech bubble and it should have a white outline. Also, complete Alexa app setup

reset 1st gen echo dot

  • To echo dot 2nd gen factory reset, look for a hole in the bottom of Echo dot, insert a paper clip in the hole, and press till the time ring light turns blue then on and then turns orange again. This indicates that you’re in the setup mode.
  •  Now download Alexa dot app, install Alexa app, and proceed to Alexa app setup. Download from the app store or from

Reset Echo Dot with Alexa app

You can reset Echo dot 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, Echo Plus using your Alexa app. But before resetting, try to power off the device, and after reset echo dot with alexa appa while power on, if this not work for you, reset your Echo dot with Alexa app as well.


Follow these steps to reset Echo dot:

  • Reset Echo Dot, open your Alexa app, be it your Android, iPhone, or Windows. In your Alexa app,  go to option Devices.
  •  Tap on the Echo and after that click on Alexa icon at the top.
  • From there, choose your Echo Dot device which you want to reset. Scroll down and factory reset and tap this option.
  •  Under Alexa app, you will get prompt to ask whether you want to reset, tap confirm to reset echo dot. Once done, download Alexa app and do Alexa app setup.

Reset Alexa Echo Plus

  • The reset process for different models of Echo is going to be different. That’s why the Echo device setup is mentioned differently and for each Echo plus resetseparately. This case is also applicable to two kinds of Echo plus models also.
  • Remember, you will not lose your smart home device connections, of which you will reset Echo plus device.

Follow these steps to reset first-generation Echo plus and second-generation Echo plus:

  • Use a paper clip, to reset your First generation Echo plus device. if the paper clip is not available then use something similar. Press the reset button and release it quickly. wait till ring light turn off and then turn on again.
  •  Use the Action button on your Echo device, to reset your second-generation Echo plus device.
  • Press and hold your Echo plus action button for 20 seconds and then release it. wait till ring light turn off and then turn on again.
  • Now download Alexa amazon app and do Alexa app setup

Frequently Asked Question on Alexa

  • Amazon Alexa on echo device: While Amazon Alexa setup you might face issues. Follow these simple steps to fix
    1. Check the device compatibility on which you are trying to download the Alexa app.
    2. check your login credentials carefully
    3. Must be using a good wifi connection and our web browser must be updated if it is an Alexa web app
  • Alexa app or echo skills not working: There are ample of Alexa skills to choose from. somehow you might face problems while adding Alexa skills. Fix this: check the skill preference under the app. Turn off your echo device and then turn on to check the skill. Use Alexa skill one at a time
  • Alexa facing issue on Android device: before Alexa app android download, check device compatibility. Restart Android devices might help. if still you face issues then hold the power button for a few seconds. and restart echo. check if the Echo is connected to the internet.
  • Echo dot unable to reset: Reboot your echo device if the Echo dot won’t reset. Press and hold the power and volume button for 20 seconds. Wait till the ring light turn off and then turn on again. Also, perform a factory reset for echo dot reset.
  • Echo dot is unable to connect to wifi: reboot your router if the device has internet non-connectivity. Turn on the router/modem and echo dot device. If this does not fix the issue then do a factory reset

Alexa dot setup

  • Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth device: Open the app and hit settings. Tap your echo device and clear all the existing paired devices. Again repair it with Alexa device. Now go to the Bluetooth setting on your phone and repair the device again.
  • is there any charge to echo dot device setup: Echo dot setup under Amazon account is free? Enter your user name and password and download the Alexa app from You can set up your echo device from there. still face any issue while device setup then call our toll free number anytime
  • What is Echo dot can be used for: Smart home devices are quite a rage among us. Use the Echo dot device as a personal assistant. Or use the Alexa app to control home smart devices or home appliances. Not only this, a whole set of Alexa skills under the Echo dot is so amazing.


Amazon Alexa app stuck on setup

When you are downloading Alexa app and somehow stuck on the setup screen, then follow these quick steps to resolve the issue Alexa app won’t continue setup:

  1. Setup Amazon Echo and Alexa app carefully. Downloaded Alexa app? Well, don’t open it. First, power on Echo device and wait till ring light turns orange.
  2. Reboot the Alexa app. For this, uninstall the Alexa app and reinstall the Alexa app on your smart device.
  3. Disable Smart Network. Close Alexa app. Now open Android device settings. In wifi settings of Android phone, see Smart network switch on this screen itself. Uncheck the option if it’s on.
  4. Go under smart device settings,  update or change date and time.
  5. Update Android System Webview.  For that go under Play store. In-play store search for Android system Webview. Update the app and then Install Alexa app again.
  6. Disable Ad Guards and VPNs in your device. When you are doing Alexa app setup, it is mandatory to disable them first and after the finish, you can enable them again.

Alexa app won’t continue setup? resolve this!

  • While doing Alexa app setup, if Alexa app just stuck and do not proceed; then leave Alexa app screen
  • Open wifi settings of the device in which you are trying to install the Alexa app.
  • Do one of these: Either turn off smart network option or switch to the mobile data.
  • Delete the Alexa app and reinstall the Alexa app.